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Engaging with local artists and working through a variety of art forms participants discover and develop art making skills. Our visual art projects often lead to public events and performances. These include installations, animation film screenings, shadow puppetry and prop making for parades, festivals, club nights and conferences.


Illuminate is an interactive projection installation that allows participants to paint with light. The colours and shapes they create are projected onto a large screen that they face and interact with in real time. 

Brendan Voyage

That's Life art makers explore the Brendan Voyage through contemporary shadow puppet approaches.

Fairyland Forest

Fairyland Forest is the latest of three animation films produced by ‘That’s Life’, an arts and participation programme of Brothers of Charity Services, Galway. The film features artists with intellectual disabilities and visual and sound artists working together to produce a unique film that features original artwork, music and sound.

Fairyland Forest is a tender allegory of how love conquers all and defeats evil. It tells the story of Bumble Bee’s love for a butterfly, Princess Pink. In order to win her heart he has to defeat the dragonfly, Prince Black, and face the dangers of Black’s evil army surrounding Fairyland Forest. It’s an uplifting heart-warming story full of colour and the gentle moral of how love wins out in the end.

Structured Worlds

Structured Worlds is a wonderful piece of work by That's Life Arts Collective with visual Artist Aideen Barry.

"I love the way the mountains soak up the rain." Anne Laffey

Each art maker in this project created their own 3D world in which mini projected images were positioned. The worlds reflected important aspects of the lives of the artists and were assembled as part of one large cardboard structure.

Working on this project with Aideen were Walter Parsons, Clement Moylan, Anne Laffey, Catherine Fahy and Sean Barden.

Jessica Casey

“Jessica Casey” is the result of a collaboration between Away With Words writers,  Mary Madec (poet) and Aideen Barry (visual artist). This animated short and collection of writings ‘Jessica Casey and Other Works” is published by Salmon Poetry.

Prop Making

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