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The creative arts, celebrations and rituals are powerful means to explore spirituality.


That’s Life supports people with their personal journey and helps them to explore life in all its facets; it offers them opportunities to look at their likes and dislikes, their relationships, their sense of belonging, the choices they have to make, their sense of beauty and their sense of God.

Days of reflection on various themes, retreats and bereavement support are offered regularly. That's Life also supports people to engage creatively with their local faith community.

Kilcuan 2016

The Seasons for Growth programme explores the effects of change, loss and grief in our lives. It gives people the opportunity to tell their own story, learn new skills in managing grief and explore ways of letting go and moving forward.

Seasons for Growth was first delivered in 1996 and is well established in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom.


That’s Life offers the Seasons for Growth programme regularly.

Seasons for Growth

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