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Exciting New Exhibition This November!

A new interactive visual art exhibition, ‘Persona’ featuring That’s Life arts makers with intellectual disabilities to be presented at Galway's Black Box Theatre this November.

Persona, a free interactive visual art exhibition created by Martin Maguire in collaboration with That’s Life will run from November 4-11, 2022 at the Black Box Theatre in Galway.

This new contemporary photographic work using augmented reality features That’s Life art makers with intellectual disabilities. Participants were involved in a process to interpret specific characters from Greek mythology through costume and performance of their own making. Over a series of interactions, individuals selected who they wished to become, which persona they wanted to adopt and how they would like the world to see and hear them in their new imagined forms.

Persona uses augmented reality to make objects appear on demand as spectators interact with the work via smart devices. The objects are portraits of the That’s Life participants and show them in their natural state making various physical gestures and poses. Spectators will be able to reveal in real time the alter ego/new persona chosen and designed by the individuals themselves. When interacted with, an augmented reality overlay of this new character with costume and props appears, resulting in interactive portraits.

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