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Theatre Workshop

Creating Poetic Visual Images Using Physical Theatre and Mask

 Nuns Island Theatre, Galway - Thursday 14th  - Friday 15th December 2023

Our yearly programme of events ended with two days of knock out performances from That's Life's Theatre Ensemble, including insightful and touching Q and A sessions at the end of each show.

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'That's Life would like to invite you into the wonderful world of our rehearsal space. As an audience member you will witness the initial devising of a exciting new creative work, using the art form mask and physical theatre to produce beautiful visual stories. The imagery has been inspired by poems from the Coole Park Writers, a group of poets with ID based in Gort, Co. Galway. The cast members have been working on this project for the past year, developing their specific skills in theatrical performance. The actors will showcase physical theatre techniques, improvisation, mask and working together as an ensemble. This will be followed by questions and & answers (Q & A) session with the ensemble. The workshop is directed by Miquel Barcelo, in collaboration with Imelda Reynolds, That’s Life Theatre practitioner'.

Congratulations and a big, big thank you to everyone involved on stage and behind the scenes.

Counsellor Frank Fahy, representing Galway City Council which awarded funding through the Social Inclusion Grant 2023.

Galway and Roscommon Education Training Board (GRETB) and Creative Ireland for their ongoing funding and support.

Brothers of Charity Ireland: Marina Moore, Head of Western Sector, Amanda Corbett, Day Service Development Facilitator, Mairead Conroy QED Volunteer Coordinator. Staff from: Arts Alive in Galway, (Gaie, Gary and Laura) Harvest Studios and Ivy House in Gort (thanks so much Bernie Lally!), and Reidhlean, Atherny (Rachel, Sheila, and Leslie).

The families and friend's of our performers: Amy Clarke, Natasha Lydon, James O'Connell, Aoife King, Leah Connelly, Patricia Hayes, and Therese Carter

Costume and Props by Aine Lawless.

Sound by Daniel Gunnane.

Claire and Jono at Nuns Island Theatre and Mairead Coffey who helped with front of house.


The Little Shop 

That's life has created a pioneering theatrical show entitled 'The Little Shop', performed by actors with intellectual disability (ID). The work uses mask, physical theatre and dynamic visual techniques, accompanied by a romantic musical underscore, to convey beautiful and poetical stories.


The creative process was designed to be inclusive and adapted specifically for the adult performers with ID. In addition, the show was devised using visual imaginary that was accessible for audiences with communication and cognitive challenges.


Our audiences were transfixed by the wonderful talent that has been nurtured by That's Life, and given an opportunity to change their perceptions about how disability and performance can be portrayed in society at large.


The Little Shop was co-directed and devised by Miquel Barcelo, in collaboration with Imelda Reynolds That's life's Theatre Practitioner. The work was presented in three performances over two days in March 2023 at Nuns Island theatre, Galway.

The Little Shop

A place full of surprises where the mundane becomes magical.

'Step into the world of the Little Shop, where ordinary events lead us in unexpected directions. The staff love to make fun more than work, instead they play with everyday objects to create imaginary worlds. You will never know what you are going to see, or where you will be taken, on this amazing and unpredictable journey of everyday life'.

Mask Project with Miquel Barceló & Manifesto Poetico 

The Rainbow Painters

Screenshot 2022-01-20 at 10.10.39.png

Music Mechanics

Street theatre performance in collaboration with Miquel Barcelo.

New Moon

New Moon is a unique multi-sensory theatre project. Actors, musicians and set-makers work in partnership with people with high support needs and their carers to create a highly atmospheric and interactive multi-sensory theatre form which enables the participants to enter meaningfully into original artistic creations.

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