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Bounce Club Night is a new club night for people with intellectual disabilities. Our aim is to create a fun, safe and accessible space for young adults with intellectual disabilities to socialise, listen to music and dance in a club environment. All our DJs and VJs with intellectual disabilities are supported by experienced Galway DJs and VJs and play a wide range of music including pop, rock, hip hop and rnb.

Electric Dreams

Electric Dreams bring their unique brand of feel-good grooves and catchy hooks to the table with their debut album ‘Behind The Mask’. A diverse bunch, the band’s sound sits snugly in between pop, RnB and indie, and their music comes with a message of inclusion and community.

Crisp beats, sparkly guitars and melodic synths come together with upbeat lyrics to make for an unforgettable sound. Entirely written and recorded by the band in the That's Life studio, the six track album was polished off by veteran producer Bob Macciochi of SC Mastering, UK.

Electric Dreams are supported by That’s Life; an award winning arts programme of the Brothers of Charity Services, Galway which offers people with intellectual disability opportunities to discover and realise their artistic potential through working with established artists and participating in high quality arts programmes.

You can buy or stream their debut album 'Behind the Mask' on:




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That’s Life are the proud owners of a set of gamelan instruments from Surakarta in Java, Indonesia. The gamelan is a set of tuned percussion instruments that come in the form of gongs, drums and different types of metallophones.  We use these instruments in a variety of musical contexts including group workshops, shadow puppetry and projects such as in “In Flow,” fusing gamelan with elements of electronic music.

In Flow

Composed and performed by That¹s Life Players in collaboration with Andrew Madec, In Flow brings the audience through a unique soundscape of electronically processed gamelan percussion and live ensemble performance to create original inspiring work. 


Having explored gamelan in a non traditional context with the release of "Gamelan Reimaginings", Andrew continues on this path with That's Life players in an Arts and Disability context. This collaboration has inspired new and inclusive ways of composing for gamelan and electronics. The outcome, In Flow, is a beautiful, atmospheric and textured work which will surprise, enchant and move the audience.

Watch the video below:


Club Tropicana

Club Tropicana is the hugely successful annual midsummer club night held at the Black Box, Galway.   

In the weeks leading up to the event: a team of some 30 prop makers collaborate with an artist to transform the venue into a fun and engaging space,  That’s Life DJs train and prepare their playlists,  the VJs create new visuals and Electric Dreams rehearse their new songs.  All to rock the night!    The 7th edition of Club Tropicana will be on 29th June 2018.


"Club Tropicana is the most amazing, entertaining and accessible club night for people with intellectual disability and friends. Galway City Arts Office is so delighted to be associated with this event"

James Harrold, Galway City Arts Officer.


“Every year we look so forward to Club Tropicana.  It is the best night of the summer and we never want it to end" 

Elizabeth McCormac, club-goer

Watch the video:

Ignite / Trickster

Ignite commission - Jes Colborne & Mind The Gap in Collaboration with That's Life performers 

Watch the video:

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