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About Us

That’s Life is an award-winning arts and personal development program of the Brothers of Charity Services, Galway.


People with intellectual disability have opportunities to discover and realise their artistic potential through working with established artists and participating in a wide range of high quality arts programs.

That’s Life art makers create beautiful work that contributes to the cultural and artistic life of their community.


Our core values and principles:


Individual choice: That’s Life respects individuals’ right to make their own choices. We support participants on individual and collaborative journeys of self-discovery and self-expression.


Quality: That’s Life is committed to achieving the highest possible quality of engagement, artistic product and outcomes.


Connection: That’s Life enables participants to claim their rightful place in the arts and wider community, and to make their contribution to the communities in which they live and work.


Creativity: That’s Life aims to unleash the creativity inherent in all participants. We use our creativity to develop new ways of working and to respond to participants’ interests. We bring innovation and flexibility to all that we do. We create safe environments in which participants can explore their creative potential and develop new aspects of themselves.


Enthusiasm: That’s Life believes passionately in everyone’s innate ability and potential. We bring energy, positivity and dynamism to all that we do.

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Funders and Partners

Arts and Disability Ireland

Town Hall Theatre Galway

Galway Arts Centre

Róisín Dubh Galway

Linenhall Arts Centre Castlebar

Ennis Street Arts Festival

Southbank Centre Gamelan London

Mind the Gap Theatre Bradford

Brothers of Charity Services Galway

Galway City Arts Office

Galway County Arts Office

Galway City Council

Galway County Council


CCAM Radius Project / GMIT Galway

Arts Council of Ireland

Ignite Arts Commission

National Music Network

Music Capital Scheme

Social Inclusion Office

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