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The Octopus's Wedding

Do you like a good party?! The Chieftain of the Giants invites to the unforgettable Octopus's Wedding, a unique and immersive outdoor experience. Follow 'The Jellyfish Babies' wedding band as they journey through the Kilcornan Islands to reach the ceremony. Encounter fascinating characters, sing along to lively tunes, and explore the underwater realm of the Octopus and his mysterious bride-to-be.

Prepare yourself for a action-packed adventure filled with music, celebration, and surprises.

Feel free to dress up for this joyous occasion and come in style!


Accompanying support staff go free, NO booking required

Club Tropicana

The return of our amazing clubbing and live music event for adults with intellectual disability and their friends. This extraordinary gathering brings together a talented team of musicians, DJs, and performers with ID. Club Tropicana provides a fantastic opportunity for individuals to enjoy a night out, socialize, and dance the night away in style. The highlight of our social calendar, Club Tropicana is truly unique event with an atmosphere of pure celebration. Not to be missed!

Accompanying support staff go free, NO booking required

Who we are

That’s Life is an award-winning arts and personal development programme of the Brothers of Charity Services, Galway. People with intellectual disability have opportunities to discover and realise their creative potential through working with established artists and participating in a wide range of high quality arts programs.

That’s Life art makers create beautiful work that contributes to the cultural and artistic life of their community.

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