“Fruit Full” at Linenhall

“Fruit Full” at Linenhall Theatre in Castlebar.

Our ambition with “Fruit Full” and previously “Sail Away” was to create an artistic interactive and multisensory performance for people with complex needs, including people with autism, severe intellectual disability and with sensory impairment. This is a target audience which is too often overlooked in arts programing, so we are extremely delighted by Linen Hall Theatre and Co. Mayo Arts office invitation to bringing “Fruitful” to Castlebar.
“Fruit Full” was created by actors, musicians, and prop makers working in partnership with people with intellectual disability and their carers: We have tried to create a artistic performance the audience can’t resist engaging with.
“Fruit Full” is inviting, gentle, colorful and full of surprise; It is grounded no doubt, but it is also an evocative and poetic exploration of the four seasons. We wanted “fruitful “ to be primarily an artistic experience for all the members of the audience, people with complex needs and their personal assistant alike… “Fruit Full” is not another form of art therapy… Of course “Fruit Full” uses various inviting approaches that encourage individuals’ engagement and immersion in the performance but isn’t that what all arts forms aim at, to captivate their audience!
All at That’s Life are looking forward to taking “Fruit Full” and our enthusiasm for this interactive and multi-sensory theatre production to Linen Hall and to meeting our audience at the pre-performance events.
We understand that “Fruit Full” is already sold out!
107 people reached

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