Away with Words

Away with Words writers had a wonderful evening at Over the Edge on September 12th.  The selection of work presented by the writers included poems by John Flannery and Julie Burke, and rehearsed readings of 2 plays by Mary Kinsella and Paddy McDonagh.

Writing workshops for the Away with Words groups have begun again and all are busy writing – for the next event!



Sometimes I am lonely

Like a red flower growing in green grass

Then I see and hear the river

Like a tap dripping

It is black

It flows smoothly

It makes me think of feeling calm

I see it

And feel that I like it.

John Flannery




In winter I remember you tending the fire

In spring I remember you did carpentry for Fás

In summer you took me to London for my birthday

In autumn you brought me to school

I remember your face looked like mine

I remember your voice. It was soft

I remember your smell, nice aftershave.

Missing you is black

A rainy day.

John Flannery




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