A taste of Club Tropicana

A taste of Club Tropicana 2014

250 Club-goers
25 performers (VJs, DJs, musicians, singers and actors, green screen)
22 crew – including 12 volunteers

50 people involved in prop making workshops over 3 full weeks
4 DJs and VJs supported in developing their play list and receiving training in use of new equipment
6 people creating for the first time an original electronic music track for the night over an eight- week period.
3 lead singers preparing their new repertoire
Discovery and supporting of new talented performers and prop makers
A New band performing 3 songs in Irish
A new house band
Stacks and stacks of cardboard!
€250 worth of glue gun rods and PVA!
A fantastic creative spirit,
Tons of energy
Lots of tea and biscuits!!!

Some quotes gathered on the night…

“I cannot believe what I see and hear tonight. Who made all this?” Staff Ability West
‘I certainly didn’t expect this standard.” Sound engineer
“This is my rocket. I made it big. We are good at making.” Prop maker
“I loved making this flying saucer with Tommy.” Prop maker
“This is just unbelievable, what did you not think of?” Parent
“The shadow dancing screen is just magic.” Photographer
“The whole staff is talking about last night.” Director Town Hall Theatre
“It my favorite night out of the whole year.” Club Goer
“You wont beat that! I don’t know what you’ll do next year.” Parent
“Here, you don’t think disability; just life, and pure enjoyment.” Carer
“The four lead singers were just brilliant. They are just getting more and more confident.” Staff
“The DJ’s playlist was so good, as for the visuals, they worked really well and were so fun. A lot of work has gone into this. ” Staff
“Could I have Saturn to take home?” A child visiting the Black Box
“It’s great to get your photo taken at the green screen. This year you could dress up as a cosmonaut. In the photo I am on the moon.” Club Goer
“I loved being an alien and a cosmonaut at Club Tropicana”. Performer
“What will you do with all these props, you can’t scrap them.” Everybody!
“There are so many people and skills – all contributing to this event, it is just extraordinary. I don’t know any other organizations producing something like this.” Galway Carer
“This club and its concept should tour.” Local Artist
“This has got to be entered in our bid for city of culture.” Arts Officer
“This is such an inclusive venue. For some people it is their first club night. Can you imagine what that means to families?” Staff
“That was a great night. I am now so looking forward to Trickster.” Club Goer and performer
“The aliens arriving at Club Tropicana, that was our idea.” Musician
“What do you have for me next?” Someone who loves a good time!
“The way That’s Life transforms the Back box every year is just amazing.” Town Hall
“In a strange way the last thing you think about at Club Tropicana is disability. Yet, this magical night would not be without the talent of the performers and prop makers with intellectual disability, and the team that supports this incredible project. If you didn’t leave the dance floor for the whole night or just chilled out with friends there was so much to see and enjoy. It was just a spectacle you’d remember. I have been at them all.” Parent
“From strength to strength… It is now so well established in the Town Hall calendar.” Arts and Disability Ireland
“The talent never fails to surprise me. I look forward to it every year.” Professional musician supporting band.
‘What theme will we do next year?” Prop maker leaving Club Tropicana

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